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Concierge Medicine individualizes private healthcare to your lifestyle and needs, supporting your quality of life. Epic Medical’s concierge memberships feature, preferred appointments, 24/7 physician access, nutrition/wellness counseling, and can include access to physical therapy.

Dr. Skvarla is the provider of healthcare for those who prefer concierge service for healthcare and his time with members has no limitations. I believe a strong physician-patient relationship begins with and incredibly focused understanding of a ones perspective on health and well being.



Membership Information

We proudly offer Concierge Medicine Care where patients pay a membership fee for an enhanced and more personal level of service from Epic Medical. Patients do not use their insurance, services are covered by their “fees”.

Children, Ages 5-12
Children, Ages 13-18

A 10% discount is available for those that wish to pay in full for the year. Special pricing is also available for families of 6 or more.

Each member will receive the following services:

  • Yearly comprehensive physical (including blood work)
  • Appointments within 24 hours, usually same day
  • No set office hours, appointment times to fit the members’ schedule
  • Weekend appointments
  • Access to the physician 24/7 through email, text or phone
  • House calls as needed
  • Guidance in wellness, nutrition and exercise
  • Access to on site physical therapy

Please call us for more information on how you can become a member of Epic Medical's Concierge Membership Program.


1. What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine refers to a business plan of delivering health care where patients pay a “membership fee” (monthly or yearly) directly for an enhanced and more personal level of service from their health care provider. Patients do not use their insurance, services are covered by their “fees”.  The number of patients (or members) in the practice is limited so the level of attention to each member can remain high.

2. Do you take Insurance?

No, we do not. Your annual fee is all that is required. We will not charge a co-pay, nor a deductible.

3. Should I still keep my existing insurance?

Yes, you should still keep your insurance.  Concierge-style medicine is best paired with the high-deductible insurance plans that most insurers offer.  You may need to utilize your insurance in the event of referral to a specialist, advanced imaging or testing, or catastrophic injury.

4. What if I need hospital services?

Dr. Skvarla has hospital privileges at local hospitals of both Allegheny Health System and UPMC, so he is able to care for you if you are ever admitted to those hospitals.  He will follow you closely and coordinate your care during your stay.

5. What if I need a specialist?

If we feel that your care requires a specialist, we will recommend a colleague with whom we have established an excellent working relationship with.  We are constantly growing our network of specialists who we feel care for our patients as closely as we do.  We will also be in constant contact with anyone caring for you so that we can take an active part in your care coordination.

6. Can I schedule an appointment after normal office hours?

Yes.  One of the advantages of being part of a concierge practice is the convenience of having the ability to schedule visits at virtually any time of the day in advance.  Sick and Acute visits will be seen the same day.

7. Do you make house calls?

Yes. Another advantage to becoming a member of our practice is house calls.  We know that there may be times where you cannot make it to the office or because of the timing of the injury or illness. We will come to you.  This is included in the fee, there is no additional cost for this service.

8. What age groups are accepted?

We will see patients from age 5 and older.  Special consideration will be given to accepting patients under 5 in certain circumstances.

9. Do you accept Medicare patients?

Since we do not accept insurance, anyone can be a member of our practice. 

10. Does Epic Medical limit its practice size?

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and personalized medical care.  In order for us to ensure the highest quality service, we will limit the number of members we accept into our practice.

11. Are there any other charges or fees?

No.  There are no additional fees for any services we can provide.